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About Photo ID & Membership Badges

When it comes to ID cards, efficiency is crucial. That’s why Imprint Plus has designed an ID card holder with the express purpose of streamlining your staff’s daily tasks. With the Imprint Plus ID card holder, you can easily fasten an ID card to your name badge, allowing for quick access when you need to scan your card. You won’t have to deal with bulky belt clips or tangled lanyards, and can instead simply slide your ID card right from your badge.


Our ID card holders ensure that your name badge and photo ID are never apart. By keeping these uniform components affixed to one another, you’ll be less likely to misplace them, and you’ll have fewer accessories constraining you throughout the day. This functional innovation clips easily onto the front of your shirt, and won’t budge throughout the commotion of a typical work day. Simply remove the protective D-Tape strip, affix the front of your ID card clip to the back of your name badge plate and snap the security card into the holder. From there you can easily access your ID card by sliding it out of its holder whenever you need it.


One of the top features of this inventive ID holder is its sleek appearance. The simplicity of the name badge and ID card duo creates a modern aesthetic that you and your staff will love. Not only will you reap the benefits of a more efficient card system, you will also appear more professional and organized.

Key Benefits

Efficient: Your ID card and name badge will always be joined on the front of your shirt. You’ll never waste time searching for your ID card or struggling to get it out of its case.


Professional: When your employees are offering their usual level of exceptional service, you want them to look the part. Keep your staff looking professional and polished with our elegant card holders.


User-friendly: The ID card holder is both easy to use and easy to access. Your staff will be able to seamlessly integrate these new accessories into their daily routines.

In a fast-paced environment, you’re always on the move. You may be required to constantly show your identification or credentials and that’s exactly when an ID badge is most convenient. To put it simply, having an ID badge is the most efficient way to prove who you are and why youbelong there. Each photo ID badge comes with either a pin for the name badge fasteners or a magnet with a steel plate. You can get personalized ID and membership badges for your business today!

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Each name badge tells a story. At Imprint Plus, we want to make sure you have all the tools you need to tell yours. With full customization and a wide range of colors, shapes, sizes and materials, we offer everything you need to craft a flawless badge. Read More