Picking the Right ID Card Printer for Your Business - Benefits & Advantages

Membership and ID Cards

If you’re a healthcare provider, an event planner, a club owner, a government agency, or an association, you know how important membership and ID cards are to the overall image of the business or organization. A well-designed ID card invokes a sense of belonging and pride among members and employees. It fills people associated with your brand with prestige and fellowship. High-quality customized membership and ID cards are essential to maintain security, unite employees and members, and control access to high-security areas and premises.

Here are some reasons why you need Membership and ID Cards:

Membership and ID cards instill a sense of accountability, security, and belonging to any organization. Here are some benefits of having an ID card badge personalized for members, employees, students, visitors, attendees, or anyone else within the organization.

1- Identify and Recognize Your Staff Quickly and Instantly

If you’re running a business, you know the importance of an ID or membership card. It’s quick identification for your staff and gives a sense of inclusion to the workforce. It is important to include some critical details in the employee id cards that are unique to your company.

  • Photo
  • Last name
  • First name
  • Job title
  • Department
  • Location

Your employees or staff members can be identified within the business location simply by wearing a photo id card or membership card. 

2- Give Your Business a More Refined & Professional Look

Wearing id card badges help build a cohesive corporate identity. Create a great first impression and project a professional image for your company or organization. Employee id cards reinforce the feeling of belonging and unity within the company.


They help employees and customers interact better with each other. The image of your employees and the safety of your assets enhance the overall perception of your company and boosts confidence among your partners and customers.

3- Protect Your Sensitive Confidential Data & Location

An employee badge can also be used as an access key - granting or restricting access in order to protect access to your premises or data. By adding a magnetic strip, a barcode, or a QR code to the ID card badge, you can prevent intrusions to highly confidential zones and data that need protection, using the predefined rights and parameters set by you. It’s an absolutely critical component of security that dictates who can get access to your company data, resources, and premises.

4- Secure Your ID Card Badges to Prevent Fraud & Misuse

The security of an organization’s information is crucial to its continued success. Protected and secure ID cards can add a blanket of extra security to your business. Use lamination to protect and increase the lifeline of your ID cards. Laminates are clear polyester films that are applied onto the surface of a plastic ID card using heat and pressure. They serve as an additional barrier that protects the card from outside tampering.

For additional security, use cost-effective 3D Holograms on cards.  Visible from a distance, holograms can be easily verified without the need for additional equipment. Another sure-shot way to prevent counterfeiting is through ultraviolet or fluorescent printing. Elements printed using ribbons with special UV or F panels are only visible under a black light. This type of security markings add a high level of security to any ID badge.

Features to look for in your ID Card Printer

  • Print High-Quality Professional ID Cards
  • Printing Frequency & Quantity
  • Supports Different Capabilities
  • Efficient and Easy-To-Use
  • Excellent Value for Money

Printer Buyer's Guide

Handpick the printer that gives you the best output and performance for your unique needs. Ask yourself these vital questions when making a decision.

  • On a daily basis, how many cards are you creating, managing, and printing?
  • Will your printer be dedicated to a single workstation or will multiple computers be connected to the printer? USB vs. Ethernet.
  • Do you need to print on one side or on both sides? Choose between Single vs. Dual side printing.
  • What kind of card are you creating? Employee ID Card? Membership Card? Access Control Security Card?
  • Will you use your cards for door access or time and attendance tracking in the future?
  • What kind of graphic elements do you need on the card? Logo, Text, Photo, Barcodes, QR Codes, Lamination with Holographic film applied on the card (to improve card security)
  • Do you need ID Card Accessories or any product that would pair with your ID Card? Lanyards and pouches, a hook-up badge, a slot hole punch, consumables.

 With several models to choose from, we have an ID card solution that’s just right for you. Call us on 1855 278 7532 to know more about the new line of printers, accessories, and consumables.