April 13, 2020

Spend Less For Better Results.

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The Reusable Name Badge Paradox.

Cost-savings. Efficiency. Sustainability. These highly sought-after buzzwords rarely even come in pairs, but today, we’re going to teach you how to embrace all three with a single product. 


Presenting: The Reusable Name Badge. 

At the core of the reusable name badge is a powerful paradox - you spend less for better results. Personalized yet reusable, professional yet DIY, the reusable name badge is full of exciting contradictions that make it the transformational tool that it is. As you’ll see, this custom-made, high-quality product will greatly heighten your user experience, while simultaneously cutting costs for your facility. Let’s find out how, shall we?


Enhance your user experience

Name badges serve as an immediate introduction between customers and staff. By harnessing the power of a first impression, you’ll facilitate genuine connection and make customers feel taken care of. 

Reusable badges are completely customizable and made from quality materials that reflect professionalism. Staff will exude competency, creating an approachable environment for guests. 

Adding accessories to your name badge eases communication even further. Highlight languages spoken, featured amenities, or upcoming holidays to encourage even deeper connection with consumers.  


Permanent Name badge program


Bridge the gap between quality and cost

Reusing name badges diminishes the financial impact of staff turnover. By switching to a reusable option, you’ll see an average cost savings of 30%. 

They also allow you to capitalize on unused marketing potential. By ensuring that your logo is beautifully represented throughout your location, you’ll increase the chances that your brand makes an appearance in the Facebook, Instagram or Twitter posts of your customers. You know what they say, brand recognition leads to brand loyalty!

Lastly, they’re a great way to generate user-based content. More and more, reviews are driving consumer purchases. By providing personalized customer service, you’ll inspire your clients to share their great experience online. You can’t put a price on that. 


Embrace Efficiency

As reusable name badges are designed and assembled in-house, you can create brand new ones instantly. Imagine equipping an entire conference room or whole fleet of employees with quality identification in seconds. 

You can also say goodbye to the frustration of shipping complications and long wait times. By creating your badges on-site, you’ll have complete control over your timeline. 

Ordering an entire pack of name badges when you only need one is decidedly inefficient. Reusable badges offer the flexibility of being able to print one badge or one thousand. 

Information at a glance is ideal for the modern consumer. Concise and to the point, communicating with your customers through a name badge gets them the info they need immediately.   


Limit Your Carbon Footprint

Freight emissions are a significant contributor to global pollution. By switching to a reusable model, you’ll reduce your number of shipments 6 times over. 

You’ll reduce your waste output. That means less packaging and fewer old badges in the landfill.  Not to mention, companies that offer reusable products often embrace environmental responsibility in other ways.

Imprint Plus, for example, uses all of their supplies for its entire useful life, and partners with local businesses to reuse or dispose of production materials responsibly.  


It is rare to find high-quality, personalized products that can be reused throughout a lifetime. Thankfully, this model offers businesses with an alternative to high consumption products that become worthless after their initial use. Don’t take our word for it - see for yourself with a free reusable name badge sample from Imprint Plus. All you have to do is ask!

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